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The hostel is situated on a flowering gravel plain with a view of the fjord. It is in the direction of the Hospital and Flower Valleys about 600 m from the airport. The hostel is a good place to pass by, if you have questions about hiking routes in the area, or are looking for a hiking mate. In the summer time there is always a pleasant atmosphere of hikers and travellers exchanging experiences and planning tours.

We make free transport of luggage when arriving and departing.
It is a modern hostel with a large self-service kitchen. A spacious living/dining room. A terrace. Two separate bathrooms and washing machines. The max capacity is 36 people mainly in four-bed rooms. Sleeping bag should be brought (or can be rented), and breakfast can be served. It is possible to camp outside the hostel, and use the facilities.

Opening hours
The hostel is open between May and September. It is a good idea to book in advance for July and August. Between October and April accommodation can be arranged for groups.

Residents Prices EUR/DKK
Adult (per person) 39 / 280
Child (2 - 11 year) (per person) 19 / 140
Tent (per person) 19 / 140
Sleeping bag with inner sheet (per night) 7 / 50
Breakfast 8 / 60
Washing mashine 4 / 30
Non - residents
Shower 4 / 30
Use of kitchen 4 / 30
Rates for season 2015
Blue Ice Explorer
Jacky Simoud
Box 58
3923 Narsarsuaq

Tel: + 299 66 54 99
Mob: + 299 49 73 71
Fax: + 299 66 54 98