Round trip 6 days - Qaqortoq Map
This trip shows you the contrasts of South Greenland: The lush green and the cool blue in the landscape, and the thriving and modern towns next to tranquillity and peacefulness in the village Igaliku. Qaqortoq is a bustling town and the centre of education and culture in South Greenland. You can, among others, experience the fascinating art project "Stone and Man" – an open air sculpture park around the town.

Monday (Reykjavik) to Saturday (Reykjavik)
Thursday (Copenhagen and Reykjavik) to Tuesday (Copenhagen and Reykjavik).
Saturday (Reykjavik) to Thursday (Copenhagen and Reykjavik).
Note! Flights are not included.

Accommodation at hotel with private facilities or shared facilities.

Breakfast included.
Dinner (and lunch/lunch packets) can be ordered at the hotels.

No special requirements on this trip.

Price includes
2 nights in Qaqortoq incl. breakfast
2 nights in Igaliku incl. breakfast
1 night in Narsarsuaq incl. breakfast
Transport of luggage
Boat transfer: Narsarsuaq – Qaqortoq
Qaqortoq – Itilleq (Igaliku)
Itilleq (Igaliku) – Qassiarsuk – Narsarsuaq
Leaflet with a map in Qassiarsuk and entrance Museum (Brattahlid)
Boat trip to the Qooroq Ice Fjord

Private facilities, cabin with shared facilities in Igaliku
Double room: EUR 855 / DKK 6.195 per person
Single room: EUR 1.133 / DKK 8.215 per person

Shared facilities
Double room: EUR 711 / DKK 5.155 per person
Single room: EUR 946 / DKK 6.855 per person

25% discount for children 2-11 years

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Detailed itinerary
Day 1
Arrival Narsarsuaq. Info in the airport, and boat transfer to Qaqortoq (duration about two hours).
Accommodation in Qaqortoq for two nights.

Day 2
Qaqortoq, which means "The White", is the biggest town in South Greenland with 3500 inhabitants. Qaqortoq is the education centre for South Greenland with grammar school, school of commerce and folk high school. Furthermore, the town has several fair-sized companies such as Great Greenland with tannery and sewing facilities for creating beautiful sealskin clothes. Around the town, the visitor will meet sculptures being a part of the famous project "Stone & Man", where different sculptors have made the town a big sculpture park. Greenland's oldest fountain is situated at the town square next to the harbour. Here you can sit and watch the hunters and fishermen arriving with today's catch for the market. From Qaqortoq you can visit the famous Hvalsey Church ruin on an additional tour. We recommend to book the tour in advance.

Day 3

Boat transfer from Qaqortoq to Itilleq. From here you walk the 4 km at the "Kings Road" (named after the Danish King Frederik 9th's visit in 1952) to Igaliku. Igaliku is one of the most beautiful villages in Greenland! The colourful houses are situated in a green bay with luscious grassland. On the other side of the fjord towers the landmark Illerfissalik (Burfjeld) in a rough and desolate landscape.
Accommodation at Igaliku Country Hotel for two nights.

Day 4
Igaliku was the Episcopal seat (named Gardar) during the Norse period, and the ruins from that time are very impressive. In 1782 Anders Olsen and his Greenlandic wife Tuperna established themselves as farmers and that was the beginning of Igaliku's newer history. There is a small museum in the church, which is worth visiting. Today the village thrives from sheep farming. An optional day hike (15-20 km) goes to the Plateau, from where there is a superb view of the Qooroq Ice fjord, the stranded ice bergs on the moraine and the enormous glacier at the head of the fjord. It is the perfect place for picnic! On the way back, you can be lucky to find minerals and stones, for instance the shining "moon stone" (Labradorit).

Day 5

Boat transfer from Itilleq to Qassiarsuk also known as Brattahlid, the place where Erik the Red settled in 982. The museum can be visited on your own (entrance is included). Late afternoon boat transfer to Narsarsuaq.
Accommodation Hotel Narsarsuaq for one night.

Day 6
Check out from the room. Luggage can be left at the hotel.
Boat trip to the Qooroq Ice Fjord. A boat trip among icebergs of all colours, sizes and shapes. When the glacier is in view, the boat engine is stopped, so you can enjoy the absolute silence and a drink chilled with glacier ice - more than 1000 years old!
Departure to Reykjavik or Copenhagen (check in one hour before).

Day 1

Arrival Narsarsuaq. Boat transfer to Qaqortoq (2 hours)
Day 2
Day 3
Boat transfer Qaqortoq - Itilleq. Hike to Igaliku (4 km)
Day 4
Day 5
Boat transfer Itilleq - Qassiarsuk - Narsarsuaq
Day 6
Boat trip to Qooroq Ice Fjord. Departure Narsarsuaq
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