Rentals - Blue Ice Café
Blue Ice Café is a place you cannot miss in Narsarsuaq!

It is from here we sell day trips and boat tickets and make the info meeting for you, if you have already bought one of our packages. You can relax inside as well as in the sun outside the café and meet other travelers.
We serve
Coffee, croissants and light meals
Beer, soft drinks and ice cream

We offer
Library with Greenlandic books
Tickets for Narsarsuaq Museum (the same building as the café)
Postcards, maps and books
Handicraft & Souvenirs

For rent at Blue Ice Café
Mountain bike (for tours in Narsarsuaq or take it with you to Qassiarsuk and explore the road system between the farms)
Fishing rod
Sleeping bag with inner sheet
Mattress (self inflatable)
Trangia (easy-to-use stove that runs on ethanol)
Trekking pole
Iridium phone
VHF radio
Emergency flares

For sale at Blue Ice Café

For your stove:
Ethanol (½ liter bottle)
White spirit (½ liter bottle)
Kerosene (½ liter bottle)
Gas cartridge (butane/propane) with a screw-on fitting (e.g Colman, Primus)
Gas cartridge (butane/propane) with an easy-click valve fitting (e.g CV270, CV470)

Freeze-dried food
Mosquito net
Mosquito repellant
Extra spinner (for your fishing rod)

Blue Ice Café is situated at short walking distance from the airport and Hotel Narsarsuaq. The café is open daily from 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. from June to September
Blue Ice Explorer
Jacky Simoud
Box 58
3923 Narsarsuaq

Tel: + 299 66 54 99
Mob: + 299 49 73 71
Fax: + 299 66 54 98